Success! New Phone!


Ahhh! Now I can enjoy my glass of milk. Knowing now that I can enjoy my independence away from my father’s shadow by the action of getting a new phone! lol

It feels good, to have your own. Even the milk I’m drinking i bought it damn it! lol Just a little more until I can go about my own! But first I need to finish up on my projects. Now though I can enjoy my new communication tools within the ic902 sprint/motorola phone. Text unlimitedly and simply everything! (damn, I sound like a commercial)

Well, I like my phone. Damn right skippy!

so let me go and sleep now, and then enjoy my phone later!


– g –

About Gerardo Valerio

I'm Gerardo J Valerio, a freelancer in graphic design and currently a game designer. My aspirations are to have my creative works to be known throughout the interwebs. I'm right now venturing into independent game development and hopefully be successful at it. I'm also a crohn disease sufferer but advocate to find solutions against it. I live in Boston but my second home will always be San Francisco. I'm hopeful one day to return to the bay area and share my knowledge to enthusiastic folks who are curious about me. Also, my blog is the center piece of my expressions. I have always used it to communicate my feelings and artistry. Now more than ever before I will be posting new features and behind the scenes development of my quest to be a game designer. - g -
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