080410_192744.jpgDamn, It’s been a while since I last posted something new in here. Well first lets say that things are a bit uneasy here at home. Why? Because I’ve been having way to much time on my hands, but ignoring many responsibilities at the same time. I have been out of work, and I am technically broke right now so maybe I want to be under the radar for a little bit until I can get afloat again. Been playing Smash Bros for the most part as well but not as “hardcore” as many think I might be. I still need just one more character to unlock and still need to finish Adventure mode in hard.

Besides all of that, I need to still work at my websites. I haven’t so because I was looking into other things at the moment. I will finish before june comes around that’s for sure, but I need to review on a few things before I complete my sites.

Meanwhile, play some Wii (if you have one).

– g –

About Gerardo Valerio

I'm Gerardo J Valerio, a freelancer in graphic design and currently a game designer. My aspirations are to have my creative works to be known throughout the interwebs. I'm right now venturing into independent game development and hopefully be successful at it. I'm also a crohn disease sufferer but advocate to find solutions against it. I live in Boston but my second home will always be San Francisco. I'm hopeful one day to return to the bay area and share my knowledge to enthusiastic folks who are curious about me. Also, my blog is the center piece of my expressions. I have always used it to communicate my feelings and artistry. Now more than ever before I will be posting new features and behind the scenes development of my quest to be a game designer. - g -
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