Hard Surface Modeling : Modeling Method 1

I have to say that my great instructor, who has left the school where I go to, has an open Vimeo channel to learn hard surface modeling in Maya. I recommend folks who want to see the steps on how to, but the truth is if you don’t experience it yourself in the class room, my instructor’s videos won’t be as effective to learn. If you feel curious on getting better I suggest going to his account and PM him.

Just have to say though – If you’re lucky, he will respond to your query about the subject.

The video of how to simply model a beer bottle part 1 is right after the break.

Because my instructor disabled embed, I can’t post it on here — BUT!!! you can hit the link over to his gamestepper channel to see how he approaches the basics in hard surface modeling in maya


Hard Surface Modeling – Modeling Method (1)


This guys is a god when it comes to it. Another thing also that I have to warn is that he does tricks in the video only taught in class, thus if you are just starting out you will be lost for sure. Still though, they are good for being free online. If you really want to dive in with all the details I suggest googling Gnomon workshop videos.

Here is the link – all the students in my school go down and dirty with them if we can’t follow in class or as well have the upper arm in know how for ourselves.


I’ll post more educational art stuff later.

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