My FX plan of Fall 2011

So, my plan for the next 11 weeks, besides school, is to make the best of my tools that I have with 3ds max for a FX production.

So far I learned in an evening with CG cookie how to create FinalRender water. This water type has it all inside so I don’t have to tweak forever on getting the right feel of water. The cool thing is that I can use FinalRender for fast Global Illumination renders – which means I can make pro looking scenes like the movies with it.  I will not stand the wait with my powerful computer here just laying around. Hell no! I’m gonna use what is smart to be able to get all the nice juices out of my system.


So that said, here are some pictures to wet your curiosity:

[fgallery id=4 w=450 h=385 t=0 title=”Ocean 3d Exercise”]

So now that I got FinalRender’s Ocean shader/Object to do this, the next puzzle is to learn how to make foam with it. That’s what I have been trying to find out. My poking around isn’t working much because I don’t understand fully the foam feature yet.  The sad thing is that folks love to keep secret of their trade and won’t let out on how its done. That’s why I have to give credit to CG cookie for helping me with their awesome tutorials.


Next stop, Krakatoa and Fume FX!


– g –

Ocean Practice

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