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Hey folks!

It’s MAY! YES! and no. YES because I’m busy working with so many projects, no because it’s a month full of memories. Sad ones that I don’t put much mind to it but it strikes a cord. So thankfully I’ll be staying very busy.

Now I’m glad to introduce you to my developments in learning Unity3D –

Currently this is my “Just learn how to work it” project, in which theme will be about dreams I have. Because of this open theme, I can do whatever. Shooter, platform, RPG, endless runner – well not that genre, but the previous three I mentioned will be included for fun, starting with RPG.

The video I talk in-depth for 43min. To note, I will not try to make this ambitious. It is though connected to the Dark Zeta universe, and everything I’m learning and R&D will go to the first Retro trilogy of that series. This one project does have a name, but I won’t say until I’m finished with it at 75%.

So here it is, enjoy!

After this, I’ll try to step into my Zbrush-ing and create that very character you see in this sample. Also on my list to do is to learn the unreal character tool for Maya for 3D characters.

I was working on the project above, Project Dreams GX, since April 10. I then went crazy on it on April 20th to April 26. Usually I tend to work at night, that’s when the creative beast comes out to play.

Alright, so besides all that, my work/animation club project is my overlap that I’m focused teaching the students how to get a team flowing. Me and my art partner Gabe have agreed to create a contest. The two teams, centrally helmed by me and Gabe, will compete in the best overall animation short due on May 26th. The winning team will earn a custom trophy and each members will have a $60 gift card to anything they want. Second place winners will get $25 gift cards for their efforts. I’ll have such progress marked at halfway in two weeks on here, so stay tuned.

Until next time…


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I'm Gerardo J Valerio, a freelancer in graphic design and currently a game designer. My aspirations are to have my creative works to be known throughout the interwebs. I'm right now venturing into independent game development and hopefully be successful at it. I'm also a crohn disease sufferer but advocate to find solutions against it. I live in Boston but my second home will always be San Francisco. I'm hopeful one day to return to the bay area and share my knowledge to enthusiastic folks who are curious about me. Also, my blog is the center piece of my expressions. I have always used it to communicate my feelings and artistry. Now more than ever before I will be posting new features and behind the scenes development of my quest to be a game designer. - g -
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