Close to my Ambition!Hey people!

Damn I’m feeling it. I feel the burn from working around the clock on the computer. The purpose is of course getting the site running smooth without a hitch but after my 4 day computer cruch weekend, I feel sick. Sick and tired of sitting in front of the computer working with code, understanding something that doesn’t make any sense physically. Yet I know my prime reason doing it in the first place is to have your attention. So is the fruit that I bare to all of you. That and this blog of course, but its an effort beyond many who can.

I’m working overtime for your entertainment damn it! lol And its fun to do so. The only thing the viewer does is be curious. That’s it really, just be curious and wonder around my works. Its a museum of things created to provoke emotion from within you. Sometimes though, purposely created to simply get attention and flow with the audience’s likes until everyone has a minute to listen to my thoughts on canvas or I can say, on the internet.

So now I’ll take a breather and work my side job laboring as a waiter for three days (that means no computer for those three days BTW). So I’ll see you guys later until next week in which I got lots more to show off.

Goodnight all.

– g –