Wow, I’ve been developing for a long time now.  I’ve been here working hard at making a layout for the new CMS I’m about to use for my content solutions. My all web solutions you can say, the one thing that will save everyone that’s for sure.  Why I say that? Well, the CMS I’m working on is potentially what I always wanted since day one.  It helps convert any website into a dynamic one, just what my clients needed. Even the people who I promised to make a website can EASILY manage without me with this new tool.  Its THEE tool I was looking for, so I’m schooling in how to make it work.  I say, I just need a couple of more days to break in to start the wheel on this.

All in all that’s the reason why I’ve been absent. You’ll see when I’m gonna break out with this.  Oh and my schedule now has moved to early in the day because I sleepy too soon.  I go to sleep at 7pm now for some strange reason, I get sleepy earlier when the sun sets.  So my work tends to be more for the morning. I say its good, never really got to wake up early like that.  So I’ll be working more focused when the sun it out and I’m almost done with what I started.  Just need to know a couple of more tricks so I can get this idea roll’n.

– g –