Yes folks,

I have such a limited time this week.  I’ll be working three days straight and that means I won’t have time to sit down and focus on content. I’ve been brainstorming though at work.  Should I get all of my old 3D animation from the 90’s back in here for the meantime?  Or get content from other places to keep you busy?  Been wondering what to add but I guess I’ll keep some of the stuff for when I get the time to go over them.

Not only that I don’t have time to add stuff, I too need to fix up my other websites too.  I just don’t have the time now to add stuff for your entertainment.  That’s why I’m thinking about re-doing in that sense. In which my team can easily implement content within the page without waiting for me.  That’s the rub though, I can’t sit down and develop that concept just yet until I can get the time to focus on it.  So in the meantime I’ll just have to deal with the old way of adding stuff online over there.

So the big main days I’ll be out are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  After that I’ll have all the time until the 28th to add lots of goodies for all.  Trying to get as much money for Chrismas presents, so of course I’ll need to work extra for them.  That and the damn bills. lol


– g –