Hey everyone,

Loquesta.com is on.  Took me three days without the light of the sun to launch the damn thing.  Hell even, I haven’t even finished yet on connecting the site to this one just yet.  I have to connect it with two others and keep on making that silky web so when its all said and done, its gonna fly without a hitch.  You can go and see it now but I warn you though, its still incomplete. I have added the neccesary elements, but still something is missing.

Later this week I’ll add the link to the forum.  Well, maybe not because I still need to create the look of the forum before releasing it to the world.  Right now it has two options for the visitor to change the main look to it.  A space theme and the regular bbPhp standard look to a forum (in which you didn’t understand what I just said now huh? lol).

So yeah, that’s where I was this past weekend.  I was just working on the site launch.  Its monday morning now and at least I’m done doing the basics.  Later on tuesday I’ll connect the dots to some of the main thumbnails for the layouts.  The only ones I’ve done is the reggaeton and Pop Music section.  The rest, Salsa, bachata and merengue are still not connected. They will be so don’t worry.  The real stuff that I did though is the graphics for the countries.  I’m satisfied with what I have done with that.  Now I just need more inspiration juice to make the other Latino American  countries.  My fav though is Colombia and Bolivia (in which I haven’t posted the REAL good ones yet).

So if you are here reading this, PLEASE go and check out my work at Loquesta.com.


– g –

PS: Later I’ll post a random video here ok? Good.