Everything was running smooth until one of my team members went trigger happy on overworking the site.  Then Poof! I’m right now struggling to find a solution to the latest problem.  Everything was done until up till now, where I guess I have to delay the Relaunch of the site. Shit! Shit! Shit!

. .. This means more I have to be Missing in Action for more time and more time on the DAMN COMPUTER!!! ARG!!!

… Perfection is my name, and if it’s not perfectly how I demand it to be then I must redo. I was so close though, but I guess the release has to be delayed just a bit.  The unfortunate part I have to do is repost all the information again.  I don’t want the site to be bugged out while people go on, I want it to feel like a million bucks. So for that reason (if I can’t find solution B), I must redo.

– g –