SSBBCurrently I’m here in Brockton MA, writing at 6:30 am in my friend’s house updating my site. As genius this beautiful template is, the accessibilities is the best I’ve used so far but besides that, Let’s talk about brawl!  Today, I’m with my friends to get a copy of the anticipated sequel to the series, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In this game you get to pick from your favorite mascots in the nintendo universe. Now so, you can pick of from other game characters that aren’t nintendo characters too! Yet, this time though its a bit limited in selection such so we have only two characters who join the fight in this smashing fighting game!

Sonic, and Solid Snake come in the fray to fight away in this great mash up of crazy nintendo characters. I more so anticipated this moment in time 16 years ago, when Sonic the hedgehog became popular in the video game scene.  The Duel, Mario Vs Sonic! Push over the olympic games!  This is the real bout against the legends of the video game universe!

So you see, I want this game bad.  Even though I will be one to hold behind my self from the true players of the game, I will enjoy it for the quality that is this game made for the fans.  So I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on this thing and enjoy it with my good fellas over the net.

until later folks!

– g –