Well, the dissolve of the project that started it all has been initiated. Sad, I wished we could of run it longer. I was expecting it to run it longer, but now it seems that the world has collapse before me without me being conscious of what the fuck was going on! lol My partners all have run off to work on separate different things. The writing of from the best place to get celeb news has subsided, and I noticed that the popularity run has ended. Seems that my partners have run out of steam. Learning how heavy it is to run a website, they both decided to focus on something else. Mind you, I don’t really know what something else really is! lol I guess I’ve been trying to get everything done that I lost track myself. So I’m sad and disappointed that both my buddies have indirectly quit doing what I thought they were having fun with.

Oh well, whatever. I guess my plan B is coming along just on time too. I just need two months of savings before i can get back to service. I have other business ventures that will be ready before this one goes under.

– g –