080410_192744.jpgDamn, It’s been a while since I last posted something new in here. Well first lets say that things are a bit uneasy here at home. Why? Because I’ve been having way to much time on my hands, but ignoring many responsibilities at the same time. I have been out of work, and I am technically broke right now so maybe I want to be under the radar for a little bit until I can get afloat again. Been playing Smash Bros for the most part as well but not as “hardcore” as many think I might be. I still need just one more character to unlock and still need to finish Adventure mode in hard.

Besides all of that, I need to still work at my websites. I haven’t so because I was looking into other things at the moment. I will finish before june comes around that’s for sure, but I need to review on a few things before I complete my sites.

Meanwhile, play some Wii (if you have one).

– g –