My world, my place of being is here, I know that for a fact. There is something missing though, some form of familiarity from home. How can I quench this thirst of wanting to see my family? I thought that from all the crazy events that takes place here, that I would see a middle ground. Then to suddenly realize that middle ground doesn’t exist and that the ride in getting to the top might be harder than guessed? I meet myself with the middle half of my fall 2008 quarter in my educational institution that is the Art Institute of California – San Francisco. In the daunting task that I hold now, I feel weary from my long journey since my arrival in the summer. Everyday I wished I had something to give me a break and let me suffer less. Ah but I discovered for myself that, anywhere I go, anywhere I live it will be what myself be. The effects comes in what I feel and the desire to call on it. Call on my wishes to come true, and make my mind full of satisfaction to know and physically experience the truth before me.

But how high should this climb be? Am I halfway there or is it just the beginning of a really hard mission? Should I even think this is hard, because I see no end to this insanely intense program? Yes people, I’m talking about school, but not only that I’m talking about, I’m also talking about life in general here and now!

… For in this time of now, I experienced relationships, costume parties, intense school work and infinite social events. I have to take a break no? Ah but I need to get over 5 more weeks of this madness. As you see, I’m a bit weary of this intense stuff that is school and girls, and parties too. But I’ll make it to the end. I remember what I’m here for damn it, and I check myself from when I get stupid.

– g –