Finally my quarter/semester is over!  It’s been well over 2 weeks since it ended and the results are in!

… I passed!  Well, my grades are okay with 2 classes that I favored over the other two.  Perspective and Design classes were very fun to work in but the academic classes were pulling away from my fun.  English was the sneaky bastard that took away my thunder at the end.  I simply got a D on it, but it was expected in any manner.  I did try to work with my crazy schedule and adjust to school but it was hard regardless if i even did my very best.  It was doomed in anyway I looked at it because of the transition I was going through.  Currently I have to take that darn class again, but I’m happy that I can now focus on it profoundly.  You’re wondering why I wasn’t before, but sure you know that I was having way to much fun on the other classes to even focus on reading.

This time my English class is only on Monday and not two days of the week that were just placed there randomly.  Compare the schedule time to my past one and I feel much more relieved.  I only did went on more on Tuesday because i didn’t have anything else to do on that day.  Thursday was too complicated in my transition into school for reasons that my Design class was way more confusing and complicated than what I thought it would be.  I was really struggling more on that early class than anyone else.  Everyone in there seemed to have had a walk in the park in comparison to me.   So my goal really is to have all of the drawing and constructive classes aside from my book type classes.  I don’t like to combine them together because i would then subconsciously select the hands on and more constructive art classes than reading or writing.

So now I’m gathering all my forces to help me jump to the next chapter in my education.   I did my count of all my spending and total it all up.  I went forth to calculate how much debt I had left and how much I would need for the next year.  I even went to try and find different solutions for my only sour problem with my credit bill.  If my parents abide on bailing me out from this one trouble, I would basically go forth and only focus on my education without sacrificing it.  Later I’ll find different solutions to pay off my outstanding loan for my education.  My friend Kevin who I relate and have fun Role playing, is the master of getting scholarships.  If I ask him he might have the answer I’m looking for, but for now I’m stable enough to start the new quarter without getting into major details yet.

– g –