Everything started when my phone broke.  Something glitched out once a message was left on my phone, and then it just went bonkers! So currently I’m working right now to fix that problem, but then my favorite game of all time was taken from me and I got a little shocked.  I was sad for a little while, but then when I was offered to go to the Game Developer’s conference, I changed my feelings a little bit.  Of course I was stocked about it but I was still feeling unrest with my game missing.  I wasn’t really ready to go to this great event, but I put my good red hat on and went anyway.

I called everyone on the contact sheet to get my ticket to go to the Game Developer’s Conference.  I got one answer from calling  TEN numbers.  But then one other female on the list called me, so I met up with her to get the ticket.  Then I got to her at this restaurant and not only did I get a ticket, but I got TWO tickets to go in the event.  Afterward I meet with Matt from the list of contacts and we both went in to the event.  It was a good experience and I did get to take pictures.

I took pictures too at the apple store when I went to see in person, one of my game designer idles.  Hideo Kojima was at the apple store at Stockton St and Market.  It was surreal, and finally I got to experience such because I was waiting for something like it to happen.

So after everything was said and done, I relaxed in the main building of my school and soaked in what I have just witnessed.  Then after sitting for a while, the memory of my lost game came to me.  I felt bad, and the act of my game being taken away was curiously eating away with me.  I then told myself that everything balances out, one awesome good even to a shitty one.  I even say it couldn’t of been worse too, but still my trust was broken when my game was taken from me.

… oh well, I guess I’ll have to do without it for awhile.

– g –