Boy, it’s been such a long time since my last entry.

Hi all!

CrowdI think I forgot how to write a well structured paragraph.  It’s been AGES since my last write up in on ANYTHING that I just don’t know.  Well, things have changed a whole lot. For starters, I have new roommates.  Karan, carlos, and Mike – all whom are pretty chill.  The new quarter started with a nice welcome with these folks.  Carlos being the party freak, but he is chill most of the day.  Mike is the alpha dog, who likes to take charge but at the same time likes to observe to know what he is working with.  Karan is the one that I share my room with.  He is very cool, likes to smoke a lot though lol.  Karan usually is working hard at his assignments but feels overwhelmed with the studies in this school so he gets his kicks with smoking some chronic from time to time.

So all 3 characters work very spontaneously, doing their own thing most of the time.  Since our first meet up, we’ve been connecting very well.  Mike though, sometimes brings out his alpha-ness to control things in his way at times.  Though mike learned how to work with us all and things are good.  cornerOfAptNow besides all of that, my laptop failed.  That was 2 months ago actually, but thanks to it failing it coincided with getting my new equipment!  I thought I was gonna have my laptop in hand to work with my new setup, but I guess that won’t happen now.    Though I’m happy that I have my new setup now.  I installed all the software needed and it’s super fast!  Quad Core i7 @ 2.66GHz per core!  With 9GB of RAM and 1 TB of Hard Drive space.  1GB Video memory and 64Bit Vista (which is incredibly fast and versatile).

After my feverish month on my new system, I’m back doing serious discoveries on what I can and not do.  I discovered I can now make HD videos and 3D animations with Maya and 3Ds Max!  Render of course takes too long with all option sets on, so I take my work to the school and render them there. This is all possible because the school has all computers hooked up in one network, so I can do an instant network render – which I can produce really impressive stuff!  So I’m managing now a side project that I’ll contribute to work on the next year with a friend.

Now other than that School has been a bit smoother this quarter.  I got to chill and hang out with friends.  I got to go to many different parties thanks to carlos, and of course the biggest party was the Halloween party at sunset district with my friend Zip and Glen.  I got very popular thanks to my camera.  Halloween1All types of connections I grabbed with so many from all around town (even outside of town!).

That was all beautiful but that particular night I didn’t sleep for the cause of my friend zip warning me not to.  Though as you see, someone got penalized for it.  I was happy that I never really did fall asleep but managed to walk back home and rest the whole day off. That weekend was intense! Previously as well I had another party that got wasted so bad that I couldn’t get up to go to the Halloween party.

November came in after all that madness, and parties were not over just yet.  From all the booze I drank this month alone, I think my system would need to rest for the next YEAR!  Now I didn’t see the holidays as a factor, so I have to embrace my fall holiday season.  Christmas and New years are coming, and parties in-between will set me back a bit physically.  I tell you, I never have really went so crazy as this quarter set me up to do! XD  Every weekend there is a party going on, and now I have a new party coming next weekend which is the underwear party.

… Mama mia.

There is so much going on here, I can’t write it all up.  Just brief points because there is so much information.  Though I have three more highlights to add in my blog.  First is the video game highlight, New Super Mario Bros. Wii – SuperMarioWiiA game that brings nothing new to the table but multi-player mario platforming.  A great game to waste time on besides all the partying.  I got four players actually running all at the same time in that game, which is a wild feat to even do.  It’s so much fun, but don’t try it when you’re stoned with magic cookies.

The second highlight hits the heart – Melissa and my other girls who want me.  Melissa, my beautiful lady, she wants me to move back to Boston. Obviously of course I can’t, but soon I will go back home and settle.  Now that’s the problem, other women want to try me out here in the west coast.  There is this young lady in the Philippines that is thinking of me and only holds me tight with the hope to be with me as well.  If only I had a plane ticket or a plane to fly over there then the possibility wouldn’t be so low.  She is pretty, much more than my first filipina girl who I traditionally dated.  Though the trouble here lies with her cousin having difficulty with that idea.  Her cousin wants to be with me as well, but unfortunately her choice affects my brother.  I only say it’s all about time and place.  WE all have to meet up sometime in the near future so things can settle down and clear up.

That’s why my real feelings are staying with Melissa.  Melissa is the only one really that I’m thinking so thoroughly about right now.  12 years since I first met her and started talking to her.  That’s a lot, and she has matured and formed to what I wasn’t expecting to be that very soul match.  Pretty much I won’t be bored with her at all, only if I get way to many arguments and disagreements but I don’t see that at all.  Now I’m forgetting that one person in Seattle WA.  She’s been wanting me for the longest time as well.  Stephenie, is one hot blond but her style sometimes scares me a little.  She is super cool, and her talks over the phone sparks intrigue and curiosity in the conversation.  Though her tastes goes beyond me, and some other little things that can trip me up with it.  Again, she has the shape and form that I love in a women physically, but intellectually we have different tastes that might conflict later in time.

So now I’m gonna see how I can simplify this situation.  Who I really am leaning towards now is Melissa, and she is so far away right now.   But I know eventually I’ll see her again.  I’m trying to see if I can go back to boston again but for the looks of it – with the prices getting higher that I might not get there before Christmas eve.  Though I’ll see what is gonna happen next.

Well, that’s enough.  I forgot to mention my final 3rd highlight because I really forgot what I was gonna say! Well time for me to go away now, for a little bit. lol


—- BTW —- Youtube update! I haven’t gone to update since my laptop failed but now I have a new CAMERA! XD —–