First I have to say it’s been AWESOME.

The past 30 days of this month has been totally awesome.  Hell so much I finally got some time this morning to type in what I feel about this month in general.  I’m without words.  It’s been a very fresh cool transition in for the new year of 2010.  I can’t even believe it’s already a new decade.  I’m glad though that everything started nicely.  Even in school, things are adjusting to where its safe.  Like for instance; There is no  point where I can’t handle a problem.  Even if it’s financial, it’s always solvable.  Though I know I’ve been playing with fire lately.  I have to start being safe or I’ll be in trouble soon.

Anyways, I’ve been hanging around with someone very special.  I feel like I got lucky this time with this person. Totally out of left field, and unsuspecting!  This person is a total blessing. Obviously it’s a person who I’m dating.  I can only say it’s been a ball being with this person.  I have very minimal complaints about her, and she hasn’t really shown me anything that would be troubling at all. I do try to see if I can find someone else, but I haven’t yet.  Oh man She brings little bits to the table where no one really can’t compete with.  I mean, she is “the” package that is like a computer system – where you find little neat features that you never expect it to have.  It makes me feel very fulfilling about this individual because she has many qualities that is hard not to see.

Though IF I was with my own mind 2 years ago, I wouldn’t have open it enough to try and see the beauty inside this person.  Granted she kisses like an angel, and ideally regardless what she ate or whatever – her lips always taste like blissful sweet milky vanilla lite cream. It’s the same expression as was my old heart Aleja, in where she too had the same kiss sensation.  I mean wow, and what adds to this is her kind nature.  Never rude or sassy, she gives out such a sweet and shy tone to her very being – It’s very pleasing in contrast with other girls who I fell for in the past.  Hell the best thing actually is that she falls on signs that really demonstrate how cool she is with my own.  Not a rabbit, nor a pig.  Not a rat, nor a monkey.  She is right with Dragon, so pleasing and has this quality that I see with all my dragons that I know of.  I though try not to follow such thing but damn!  It comes so close on how the shoe fits so much better.

Now I am afraid if in the end, I might not truly fall for her completely.  I have to see out time, and go beyond the physical.  She is such a smart and powerful person that is enough to radiate her beauty.  And nothing really is perfect in this world, or in the States when it comes to a real true person with all the qualities.  I have to admit truly that her looks really just doesn’t cut it for me BUT because of her personality – truly is the most beautiful aspect of her being. Truly and entirely making her very attractive with that aspect.  She does though have very nice hazel eyes that traps me with her gaze.  The other thing too is I just can’t complain, she has the physique enough to drive me crazy in bed to tell you the truth.

So really she has enough to make me wonder physically and she is complete in her personality.  I love it!  Even her self-esteem is grandiose.  I never see her fall with what she looks.  I love it so because actually that gives me more of an impression about how secure she is regardless of what the media says.  And I’m glad too, because she does have that wife-y feeling to her – making me more attached and incline to think that maybe I could choose one day of making her my only one. There is great potential there.  I do want more time to spend with her and unlock other little bits of her before deciding to stick around as a couple.

Right now we are just seeing each others points.  You can say, the honeymoon stage of the relationship. Her more than I, which I have to admit.  Which basically I’m just waiting until I can get her pass that point of view, and clearly see if I am eligible to be her boyfriend. I am really trying to now show her my real side, and hopefully after her “daze” with me she can see clearly.  IF though I drop down to feeling dragged out, then I’ll have to call out and cancel the whole thing.    I don’t want her to feel I’m using her in any matter cause even I do feel for her more as a friend than anything else.  That’s if the case my view changes from lover to friend.  It is that case in which I’m waiting for her to go on and check out the “set floor plan” out from her in-love blinds that she has on.

So thus we wait and see what happens next.  I’m just pointing out the settings on this thing so for you to have a better understanding of what is to come or to see.  So far she has been surprising me, and wow, it feels so good! XD

– g –