It’s been a year since I last updated, and such a waste of time I lament not to document my history on such an eventful history that it was.

Now I’m sitting here in the hospital as if I was waiting for my taxi to take me to the airport. I should be sleeping, but I really had to write this moment down. So in such, my feelings right now is mixed. I feel as if I could do my own again, and that I just needed a good rest from eating altogether. Yes, I’m in the hospital for my illness has broken loose its limits of containment.  What it seems to be that its only connected with my condition to feel life in extraordinary seconds, I feel that I have to wait out my exhausting id out from a critical point right now in my life.I realized how lucky I am to be with great support. Without them, I don’t think I would feel very well today. I made my effort to befriend as many as I could, to create deep rooted foundations as far as I could to create a nest of support when I need it the most.

This has resulted to be true when I show my vulnerable side to the world.Is good to show weakness to the ones who care, because they strengthen you up to beat the odds.Its this center I seek, and with all my wishes granted, I did get mines with the love of my peers.Now that this old path has come to its end, it’s time to begin a new one. A scar will show representing my past mistakes and on forward to reveal my valor to the world with promise and ambition!

My set goal after this surgery from my mechanical devolution is all the world to see my great consciousness! Its my creative image I would like to showcase finally to a world hungry for it. IS this point I would generate all the energy loss from what I have gave in for.Is time to say goodbye to my old and reform to a new time. A time to reach out and see the truth from all corners of my life, and be able to keep a strict point for forever this one will keep my eye open to the mistakes I have pass and to the knowledge I picked up from these mistakes. I will final3d modelingly give a piece of my mind to you all, but surely I need preparation of my assets to be able to contribute to my world.

The formal showcase of the history that has been in 2010 will be uploaded via youtube once I get back to San Francisco. Today is January 19, 2011 and I’ve been in the hospital since January first.  The long nights only ask of what I have done, and I am restless to be only in bed thinking of what I should do next. I need to finish what I have started, I can’t leave this mortal coil before I do.Now and more than ever, is when the demand of my mind is wanted. I can’t not let this pass, so thus I cannot let my body control me out from my goals. Yet the attention is needed as a balance, because if I don’t I will not progress.That sync must be forcefully restarted for I need to link back to my center and begin again. Like you who turn off the computer, the computer again must set things back into order once you turn it on once more. That computer is my metaphor for what I need to reconcile  with my body again.Now I must sleep – so once I open my eyes again it will be time to endure the transformation that my old self has been dreading since its rumor 10 years ago.God bless all and let peace be.PS: I will again tell in summary what has transpired in 2010.