– Diary Of Crisis G –

             It’s about my situation that I endured at the hospital. Currently back in school and taking three classes.

January 14 – February 1st 2011.

After the first week of the quarter, I have pulled out of school. The thing was, I wasn’t going to stop my practice so I began on working on my pet project. Then after a few rounds and every day being met with the surgeon team, they told me different plans of action. One doctor with a turban hat told me that I don’t have to go into surgery. That’s where I was convinced that I can hammer back into health, but then the chief surgeon showed me the CT scans. The result of the CT scan pictures showed me how bad my condition was. My intestines were merging together and making a mess in there. The surgoen then told me if I wait, then they would have to cut MORE out later if I don’t recover from this point. The flare up was so bad that you can fit a black mamba inside me. The thing was though that there was spaces that were constricting that was causing the flares, and the right lower quadrant ilium piece in my intestines was compromised.

  A few days later after the dramatic meeting with the family and the doctors, the professionals decided to get me going to the operating table as soon as possible. 18 Days have passed and it was time to go in under the knife and I was a very calm actually when they came to pick me up. I have to be sincere, I was a bit nervous but I didn’t care if I lived or die because I had complete confidence with the team that was assigned to work on me.  After I came to my realization, and saw the world differently. It was like the doctors told me, a simple wink of an eye and I was back. Although when I opened up my eyes, just before I came to I saw absolute darkness. The sound of my mother and someone else trying to wake me up brought me back to the surface of the abyss. As if I was born again, my mother next to me – I told her I loved her. I started tearing up a bit and couldn’t control my emotions. I was happy and sad at the same time. Sad because I didn’t want them to cut out a piece of me, but happy that the solution did work and made me better. 

Twelve days later, and the doctors tell me that I’m good to go.