Well first of its not fair to compare both types of animation on two separate applications. The Sam Rig can’t be used with no other character models. That’s the point I’m thinking of that why I am wasting time on something that is immediately obsolete? I mean I could be animating shapes around maya instead and getting adjusted to the graph editor without that high level of complexity. I mean it’s obsolete to learn something beyond this rig knowing that other rigs work differently.

So here, lets demo some vids and have a level of respect for the folks who do this so seamlessly while programmers actually destroy the time that is needed to do so in the first place.

I have more after the break. . . 

-Sam Video example below —-


Now there is a system I know that I learned on my own that is used for games and movies as well. This animation rig system is in 3ds max and it’s brand spanking new (3 years old) compare to the old Character Studio that was the standard in 3ds max before.

–Let me show you a sample below ——

By simply binding/parenting the model to the rig set in the CAT system in 3dsmax pretty much you have something very close to the Sam rig as I mentioned above.  The difference is that there is documentation online on how to work with it and animating it takes minutes not hours as a manual one would do.

This is my clash with the assignment at the moment where I have to work with the Sam rig to get it by tomorrow. ugh, and there is no documentation on it at all online so I’m winging it by memory (which at the moment is failing really bad).

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