Alright, this is the lowdown on what’s going on with me this week:

1.) I’m dropping a class – My lethargic attitude this quarter let me slip and slide out of control  and so to get a grip I had to cut a class.

2.) Got to cap the mouse holes in my room

3.) Had a second chance in one class to get my shit together

4.) Started on my final for beginnings of 3D animation

5.) I’m very very very proud of my roommate for getting his room straighten up

6.) Feel slight regret for having to invest in a tool that has no relevance to my subject matter. hell I tried something new and I got burned AGAIN. Live and learn I guess

7.) Got on League of Legends – SN is Mariolegend

8.) Created an AWESOME PvP map in Terraria but I have no one in proximity to show it off.


I think eight things will describe enough what is my status at the moment.