Alright, I have nothing to show for this week.


I’ve been working on my animation final for beginning 3d animation class. The only thing I would like to save note about is that this past week USA had a couple of quakes. First rumble was the shocker for me that the east coast had one. The state was North Carolina, right on the Appalachian mountain zone which I think there is a fault line there. Well they had a 5.8 magnitude quake, and the vibes went all the way north to my home state.


The earth just kept letting tension out – as for just a little while later the bay area was hit with one little rumble. The origin came from Oakland. All my data of course came from U.S. Geological Survey website (USGS) – It’s so much fun finding points of where these quakes are coming from. Then the next day Colorado was hit by a 5.3 quake near the south borderline of the state. After that another small insignificant quake again hummed in the bay area with a 1.5


I know, why am I obsessing about these things and not posting any art pieces at all?! lol well I have been slacking as of late because of this and yes other things. Maybe this week I’ll have something? well maybe.


Now I just have to worry about shaving my face, cause I feel like a wookiee.

– g –