I have been working as my new feverish passion to create a PvP map from the sandbox game Terraria. I recommend it! Its cheap, and can get u very addicted!

Because I love playing god all the time, I used other means to get this map done quicker.

 The Story goes –
There was a great war between the Atenians and the Horus Demons about 1000 years ago. The Atenians (sun people), unfortunately had to result in using an end all spell that completely annihilated their civilization and wiped out all life on the surface. The Horus Demons, having being tipped by a traitor amongst  the Atenians, fled towards the depths of the planet to escape the destruction. Most Demons in the war were wiped out and only a hand full survived escaping towards the underworld. The spell only affected life but structures were kept intact. Some though faced time and were leveled into ruin. So other humans established a fort in the green east side based on a structure that was once before. The Ninja Fortress was erected by inter-dimensional travelers. Both sides are at war with whom will own the remains of the world.



And thus I have made a place for 2v2 fights. All good equipment are at either side ready for battle. Because I have it online ready, if you so decided to log on – PM me at [email protected]and I’ll give you the required info to log on to play with me! 🙂


A little preview





Inside the Ninja Fort