Darn it to hell!

Well to start, my video card is going on the fritz on me! The refresh on Maya is starting to lag A LOT. I no longer can use Viewport 2.0 on 2012. The screen literally goes off, and freezes maya on the spot.


My video card is a nVidia GTX 240 with 896MB of video ram. The cool thing about this card is the shader cores, but its freaking out on me and performance on Windows 7 is diminishing. I was fine when I was on vista, but window 7 software demands instructions of DirectX 11. The video card is only DX 10 natively, which is perfectly fine for games today and other things like modeling and animation but there is a considerable detail lacking in performance with overlapping demand of DX 11!



Even this webpage lags because of it being somewhat demanding. Flash videos are now freezing at moments and I have 9 GB of system RAM!!!! And no, my internet is fine – the mouse freezes with the video as well. So its my video card coughing up a storm and unfortunately the ultimate demise is = blue screen of death with black screen at start up!



Also, if I don’t do anything before next quarter, I will have corrupted Maya files thanks to the card not reading the geometry right as I heard from other students in school. So I have to step on this immediately.

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