For record reasons, I have tried to save as much information from the past 10 years to remember the moment of such event. It feels really distant now, like if it was a dream for me. probably so the feeling will be much more faint in another 10 years.


I want to give my condolences to the families who lost a love one today 10 years ago. I felt so sad that this event had to happen. I questioned why would an extremely twisted performance justify anything good? Instead put us all into economic hardships after the point and anyone trying to their breaking point.


10 years is a lot of time to think about one moment – but we all do to reflect on our flaws and build back our dreams that many have lost that day and what turned afterwards with our men and women in uniforms.


lets give a moment for the lost, and clear our minds to renew our spirits for our future.

– g –