Below is my previous final – The Master Sword.

I did this on my spring quarter back from when I was just fresh off the hospital. This was my final for hard surface class.


My teacher asked the class to make an epic weapon. I thought immediately about my favorite game series, The Legend of Zelda. My not create “the bane of evil” and at the same time chill out from the midterm project stress of that stupid street lamp (in which I failed to complete in time for being too complicated).

The 3 week final project was too short for something much more complex. My classmate though overkilled it with creating a gatling gun on a chevy truck. That shit was just whoa, and he almost failed the class for not completing it. The teacher gave him 3 more days to come up with something before final judgement. I never knew what had happen then, but I know he graduated my school, so I’m guessing he passed.

But yeah, the stress of that class was enormous, and handling 3 other classes was just too much since I left the hospital all stitched up like frankenstein. But those 11 weeks was worth it.