Hey folks,

I can’t sleep – its too hot in my room. It seems I need to turn off the hardware to be able to get some fresh air. lol but I don’t want to.

Besides that note, I wanted to share the news on my final results for my classes.


When things settles and the rest & relaxation starts, the news spills from the blue unknown!  Like a box wrapped up in red ribbon, as I tremble when I see a calling card from my school, I reach out and pick up the box to unwrap it. I find two items that are good and bad. The bad one has so much foul written on it with it just makes me angry. While the good one makes me feel surprised. I thought one that I was on the clear for a better grade on the bad one – because I remade and resubmitted 3 times my homework assignments. What did I get from my re-submissions?  I have no clue.


Gosh, I got really angry.


I started throwing F-bombs everywhere. You know – I’m pissed still. I’m pissed at the teacher for being so crummy. I mean my rant now is focused on how worthless his course was. The only thing valuable I learned from him was the shortcut keys on how to animate in maya and how to use parent constraints. Hell everything else was self taught! The graph editor explaination was so shallow, it was only shown once in class – as our assignments grew more and more to use it to modify complex movements in the scene. Still, I feel I didn’t have any grasp on what – the – fuck – he was showing on that damn screen!  Comprehending this course was hell! Then out of random as it felt, he throws us programming mumbo at us as if we knew what the fuck he was talking about. Expressions I know is an algebra thing, but how in the fuck is applied in a scripting language is still foreign to me!  I’ve messed with programming languages before, but I had no previous instruction or definition on how Maya does it. So, of course, I went on to the internet to find my solutions.  By the way, we had no reference in class. There was no book suggested, and no visual guide for it. Just a stupid crummy paper saying “here is the code, figure it out”.


The bottom line here is that I passed without really feeling that I gained anything with this class but just pure fucking nonsense!  Stuff that I would instead learn on a god damn book all on my fucking own! >_<


I really tried to bump up my grade in class, but his murky system and teaching methods never unleashed my potential in class.  I mean come on now! I ask for help, and a good friend of mine made it better for me to understand the course. Its insane, this dude shouldn’t be teaching at all. I give him that though, he got skills, but he just ain’t a good teacher at all.


rant over. 


As for my effective speaking class, I’m happy because I got a B in something normal that I feel confident about. The more practice, the better I can communicate an idea with a larger crowd. That teacher knew how to handle things but at the end it got a bit odd. Still, everything was how it was thought to be.


– g –