On October 5th, 2011 – A great man with an edge and hunger to innovate passes away. His name was Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple inc. The one pioneer who even founded Pixar and revolutionized animation. A man who seemed to touch fate and turn things into gold. He was a very good speaker on stage, and a force not to be messed with.


I feel like he was a beckon to me as time was passing by. I really wanted to meet this great man in person, as he set a blazed the souls who get in contact with him. It all started with my interaction with Macintosh computers in elementary school. Very simple interface, but so much was given. The “Cool Pix” application in apple got me jumping around with the mouse to draw silly graphics all day. Sim City for me was my gaming experience on the old black & white Mac that my cousin used to own. The same goes with many other great wholesome experiences. This was all possible thanks to this one man. He didn’t have super outrageous engineering prowess to do this but more of a humble leader-esque  quality to unify smart folks to create and innovate.


He was hardcore, and to a point, very demanding but it was all due to having energy to push for innovation. This great man made possible to start the fire while others drag on the flame and expand it. Samsung in truth would not be great without its counter face. The same goes with Google with their android OS. Apple sets the field while others line up to play. The same goes with Windows – it can’t be denied that this man made shit happen at a such a great scale.



I don’t own an iphone, but because of him, as I am a aspiring game developer, he yanked away the tyranny of control away from the big 3 corporations and created opportunity to the little guy to become what they wish to be. I have to applaud this even though now the game has changed – we must all evolve from it. The future is possible and I give thanks to Steve Jobs for helping me, the little guy, to be able to succeed.


Godspeed Mr. Jobs – (1955-2011)


– g –


(I want to show a video from the Stanford Commencement address that Steve did to the graduates in 2005 after the break [hit more to see video])