Hey folks! 
Well I had an old idea that I wanted to fully flesh out. Its been taking me ages to make it happen because of many other things in the way but today I sat down and learned a new application that will let me accelerate things. This app is more of a complimentary program to maya and max. It lets me do heads in no time. Heads that looks like me and my friend Ed. This is revolutionary because about 10 years ago I didn’t have the means to do this. I either had to draw it out, scan it, color it, and make a story out of it. Today I can simply just take 2 photos on my smart phone, set the ticks to according placement on the face, and BOOM! in 4 minutes I get a digitized head of my friend Ed. 
So I tested it on myself as well and the results were a bit off. The beauty of this program though is that I can export it straight to maya and modify it. The obj of course can be exported but there is a maya file export. It exports like a dream, no problems at all. This is like the best thing since the scanner. Now I can take anyone’s foto and adjust it accordingly with reference fotos to immortalize them in digital form. 
Because of this I can do the person and the place to create a quick something with it. Its possible to effectively generate an interactive album with this new technique. Another idea I can do is a graphic novel with 3D meshes in toon style. I can input more detail to my craft faster than ever before. Although I should practice making it from scratch – I will only focus from scratch in zbrush. This app helps me get the extras and diversify my crowds if I need one as well. 
You are now asking what is this application I’m talking about?! Well sir, I will not say. It’s currently my trade secret. You can take a look at the product of such wonderful technology below. 

Me and Ed