Hey folks

Well, I’m now just sitting in and waiting for my moment to move to better pastures. I’ll official attest on my site my plan to go about and find my own solution to my education. Seeing how grossed out my debt has become to a for-profit school like Ai, I don’t know if I ever will pay it off. In a rough estimate I can tell I’m up there in beyond the 30k. Its most what normally state colleges would apply on to students, plus the interest that I have to pay back will drive me straight down to the grave.


It doesn’t make any sense for me to continue, because I have a bad tendency of trying to better myself in different subjects. I can’t try again if I fail at a for-profit school general ed class because each one cost about 1500 for 4 credits. I just don’t have the monetary funds to survive in such an environment.  I as well went to talk to a few instructors about this life changing decision to move on to somewhere else. There are options, and i found a few that will hold me down until I find my spark.


One of the places I plan to get my education on is 3Dbuzz.com, a place for specifics on education in programming and interactivity. Also I found a place where it supplies all what I need in question of my focus without paying for it. Thanks to bill gates, it is possible. Ideally of course I would love to graduate and get things out of the way by now but my brain just won’t let me do that. So I have to take it slowly, and the cost of it isn’t feasible but I have only a  few classes left anyways so I’ll go back once I finish all my General Ed at my own pace.


Unfortunately there won’t be any art for a while. I’ve been trying to fix my state of mind. Recently a good friend of mine passed away and that got me thinking really hard on what I’m gonna do. I miss home so much, and miss my family and friends, but I need to keep going on my quest here.  I’ve been trying to get my mind together to get going with my friend’s project, but I’ve been procrastinating a whole lot. Today though I created a physical check list to remind me when I sit down on what to do, besides my alarms I set on my phone for the hours to work on the project. Its all me now, no excuse.


I’ll post animations of that project when I can get to it.


Till later folks.