The time is now Jan 1st, 2012.

So much has passed in 2011, but I look forward to new things in a new year. The only thing I fear is the culmination of gunk that can throw a wrench to our way of life. Worrying though is one thing I’ll try not to do so much this year, so I don’t care anymore. I concluded if man wants to change – it just has to deal with the damage it’s doing and face the ultimate choice to survive.

This year is promised for the beginning of an end to the old way of thinking. I look forward to this transition, but at the same time I lament that such a transition there will be an epic tug into a new dark age. This one much more significant because we are the final generation that has to make a choice. A very hard choice, but which ever we choose, what ever there could be to hold hope, that we might be able to survive and then thrive from our own induced darkness.

I hope this year of the dragon gives us hope to change for the better.

– g –