I’m back to post something. Currently I’m going through some trials of life. I’m unemployed at the moment but working diligently on my HTML5 game. It’s gonna be my first admission on my general website and also be posted on My final desperate attempt for attention you can say. lol


As for my project Dark, which is DarkZeta, its based of my old concept game/story book Dark Ball. I changed the name two times in 15 years. The other name was Dark Sphere Chronicles, in where the “sphere” was already taken in another context. So then I went and just changed it to Zeta. Zeta has a meaning, but you have to play the game to find out.


Right now I just learned how to do the pathfinder code for the enemies to chase the main hero around. Those guys will be at a later point in the game. It’s all been done so that my html5 game can actually do the processing without much bugs.


After that my project will be done soon. I’m aiming it for the end of the month. Then after that I will be making another cool game that everyone will enjoy.


The plan here is that I will be trying to release a new game every month. Casual games included. I for sure have three other projects, but for now it will remain to be only 2D games. I’m going to be jumping into 3D polygonal games after I finish at least 12 game projects. The 3D game engine that  I will be using is unity3D.  They recently included in their suite a flash exporter, so you can play it in any web browser with 3D included. As well I can publish it on Android and iphones/ipads.



a screenshot of my game

That’s my year long plan, to make games. First my html5 starting with Dark Zeta, then moving along with many game design ideas that I had for over 10 years now. Old but refreshed concepts that couldn’t be done before.