Well, this week has been very surprising for me. Didn’t know good stuff was going to happen.


One good social news is that I got a job. I’m now officially employed again! XD It’s been 4 years since my last employment.


In another news, I posted my game’s home website – DarkZeta.com yesterday night.  I’ll try to have a working prototype up by next month. I’ll do some test and design other cool things on site and make it grow.


Primarily I want this one game to get pushed with the simplest form on capitalizing on it. The game will be updated monthly to add new content and fixed bugs, as well as adding a sequel to it. I’m creating a new series with this and will be able to promote by natural means.


In the meantime, I’ll get some income to cover the cost of my side project.


Another thing too add is that in all of this a favorite singer passed away tonight –


Whitney Houston


Rest in peace my love. I never knew you in person but your songs reached me and echoed through my time to feel you forever.


– g –