I’m having too much fun to just sit here and write. lol but I’m going to add something quick about my game after the break


First thing though I wanted to leave note about my game Dark Zeta: Surreal Attack!! Its pretty much 90% done for normal, just have to rework level 5, add two new bonus stages (one auto slot, the other manual slot game), and implement final level 6 for normal mode.


The expected idea for level 6 is to have the family members of Dark in cages. Dark must find the keys in time and release each member of his family before the monster awakes! Once done within the set time, bam! game complete! The second quest will give dark his destined powers. In the events, Dark obtains his abilities from the guardian of dreams, to defend the world of Somnium. In this, the shadow beast still lives, and is seeking inhabitants to consume. It will not stop until the peaceful world of Somnium turns into a hellish nightmare.


Another question comes up of what is Zeta? There will be an area in the game that will describe it in depth. Its not in there just yet because I’m focused on getting the normal mode going, but the guardian of dreams will say what it is in the game once its there to look for it.


This as well I’ll gradually update the NES manual that I have on site. It will detail new monsters and bosses, as well as new gameplay mechanics and descriptions of new chapters.


I want the player to grow with me with this game. I’ll add 3 chapters before I end this game and start on the next installment. Progressively I’ll have lots of content, and in the meantime change things up for the mechanics of the sequel, relative to the first one.