GDC is over. I’m sad that it is. On top of that, I got no more job. So now what will I do in the day? It was fun having a responsibility and plan out on things to do in my spare time. Now I have too much time again. I get lost in such an unbalance trend. I need to get out. So I’ll try to go to a programmers club or something to do in the day while I search for that next job. Of course, I got lots of time to dive in my current game creation, I just feel like I get that spark at night, you know what I mean?


GDC was fun to attend. Wish I had a time machine to redo it again.


So far I’m trying out ad stuff at the moment. I want to monetize my product. So I’ll be doing that stuff this week.


Besides that, I’ll have an update to the game later this weekend. I’m adding two new bonus stages and replacing the assets for the flip card bonus stage. Also I’ll be adding new stuff in Level 5 and completing level 6.


In retrospect – This game I’m making has a very deep human connection. Subconsciously I’ve been just adding things as I go. No real plan, just whatever feels natural to add. The funny thing is, this game feels as if it has a connection to recent global events – particularly with the Kony issue. I look back and view it as a whole, in which I see a connection, to then realizing I indirectly made a game that relates to it. Simply amazing, in which is should be this way. So the final boss will be blessed with the name – Kony.


Remember now, initially I had no real name to the shadow beast. In this instance, I wanted it to be mysterious, but I saw that it was proper to reflect this event. We are initially afraid of the dark and a threat of something that lurks in it is that nerve killing feeling that reflects this shadow beast. It isn’t dead in the first round of the game. Help is there to instruct the bold hero to do what he can to save his family. This is what I feel the link with the Kony issue lay. My hero Dark has a human name, but I’ll let you find out what it is in game. It took me a while to figure out what I would name him.


Now going on to another element in game. I’ll be using the greek alphabet to symbolize numbers or parts in game. This is to replace my youthful corny ideas and redundancies. Like in later parts of the series, I have Dark vs Shadow. So to clear that redundant idea, I replace his clone’s name with a greek letter instead. So its now, Dark vs Gamma or Alpha vs Gamma. The guardian addresses Dark as the first incarnation element of dream matter, or an Alpha. This will give you a clue on where I’m going with Zeta.