Break’s over! We are on again!

I’ve been working since sunday on my game Dark Zeta. It’s been crazy week, with my colleagues graduating from the Art Institute of San Francisco. I went in to take a peak but bumped into friendly faces, so instead I hanged out with them.
My blog got accepted by google, thus ads will start showing next week once I get it going this weekend. After that I got my musicians! They are ready to play some original works in which I’ll be very excited to get a listen! Two great guys who knows their stuff. Also I’ll be updating darkzeta site with a credit page for the next update to give tribute to the awesome people who help me out. As well I’ll be giving mention to the volunteers on here. . .

I’m working diligently on the next update, which will be the end cap for the current mode. So I’m trying to find help right now to work the highscore board. Even though it doesn’t sound like something important, it actually is. I just have a hard time messing around with php and tinkering with the server without knowing what I’m doing. I just need some guide to get that piece done.




Besides all of that, I’m excited! Level 6 is gonna rock!