Ugh and ugh!
This week I didn’t accomplish anything. I felt too sluggish to work on the game. My mood doesn’t work very well when there is no prime motive to start things. The game is all fine but I need a real prime motive, and I’m lost since I got let go from my tester job. That job really gave me a good conductive rush into everything else. Now I feel stuck. 
Worse now is that I got a slight game fever with idle worship on facebook. It’s a god game, and I can’t never have enough of such sweet god type of games. This is why I’ve been scared of playing minecraft, but god damn it lol I tripped into something else. 
Man I wish I could focus, turn on that potential drive from within on demand. I just get so tide up with human gunk that I drop out from what’s priority. 
Sometimes I feel like I’m right there at the edge of universal awareness but get knocked back into the profane. Do I need some god like energy to get back into focus? fuck, I wish I had some type of substance that just pushes me without the side effects of course. 
Alright, enough of my yak, I’m gonna be on pause for a little bit. I will though make some artwork once I get off from this state of mind. 
– g –