So finally!!!

I have completed the level design for the first final level of Dark Zeta.  It took me about a month to complete because of motivational issues. The previous posts will help you find out why lol


Anyways, I have been working to put the elements together in the final level. Also I have been writing down ideas on a site redesign for I want to make it much more streamlined for users to enjoy. Because there will be more than just one Dark Zeta game, I’ll have a list when I create the second chapter to Dark’s adventures. As well I’ll have many other elements in the website that will branch out slowly from the series. I already have a spin off to the game working since 2009, but I will demake it to NES standard because I created high resolution sprites from the remake of the project. Yup you heard right, a remake demake of a side scrolling shooter game I made in 2003.


That and I’ll have a new shooter also planned for next month as a prototype for my group.


Don’t worry, you’ll get to try it out later this year when I’m finished with it.


The games that spin from Dark Zeta universe will be in Dark Zeta website to play. As time goes by and more games trickle in, I have already an expansion planned for the website and my arcade website will harbor them as well with others that don’t go with the Dark Zeta series.


I’m pushing forth more energy for Dark because its my baby since forever and its time to unleash it.  I know that when the Dark Zeta series is laid out like I want it, everyone will love it.


So after I’m done with part one, I’m already ready to make part 2. The next part will be a completely different experience from the first one just to distinguish both.  Its like the difference between Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2. Super Mario Bros. 2 in the USA of course 😉 (japan had a different more tougher expansion to the first mario which here they call it Lost Levels)


Those two games has a very distinguishable element in how they play. The first one you jump and squash, while the second one you jump and stand on the enemies. You have more of a realistic control to pick them up and toss them to the next enemy in the second mario bros game. That’s how radical I’ll have Dark Zeta 2 be, with new game design elements to make the series fresh. 😀


So watch out! The next major update will happen in a month!


– g –