A few days ago I purchased plane tickets to fly back to San Francisco. It seems that I will be moving back to boston and my flight back will  be the last of my occupation in San Francisco for a time.


The tickets I bought are of two way, so my circumstance of getting my stuff and leaving back to my hometown will be definite this time.


Last week somehow something heard my prayers. A settlement check came in of the sum I was telling out loud for weeks. I can take everything out now back to boston safely. Then previously weeks before I got a message on the phone telling me of a job offer of mobile apps stuff. Anyways, that job is offering to pay 18 dollars an hour.


18 dollars an hour. . .


Holy shit! 18 dollars an hour!!!! @_@ I never had that amount flash at me before.


I don’t know what to do. . . I can actually survive with that dough. But then the check that came in sides with me moving back. What is the best mathematical choice here?

 ………… (cont.)


. . . The job description key buzz word is “Mobile Apps”. This means that I can simply have a phone capable to work with apps that this undisclosed company would offer. I can do this anywhere.


I have access to such services to get the same jobs with that same field. Now the pay. . . Hmmmmm, well of course that will vary.


So, because I believe I need to solidify my stand with my things and go back to school and some how rise from this mediocre state, I need to make a motion quickly.


I feel a job is a job, and I feel super confident to find it where I know I can. Proof is how quickly I got my previous job. My real subconscious force tells me to move back to boston and recover from all the mess. I concluded that I failed, but now I need to move on. My next motion should initialize what I had planned on new years. Because I’m desperate now, I have no other choice but to fall back to my parents house for the temporary time. I know I’m smart enough to get back on my feet after this transition. I just gotta get shit going now.


My father, who owns a company, offered me a business. This business so far is working on the side to help pay what I owe back. The main conference in Las vegas will happen immediately after I come back from San Francisco that will help from that front.


On the other side, I have my best bud Bethy’s business venture start up. I’m going to assist in anyway with that.


Then I have my arcade/portfolio game project. This project I’ll be burning the midnight oil working on my html5 games and at the same time working on my own private games gallery online.


On the love front: I got none. After so much drama this year I thought going back to boston would give me some rest, but I have memories that only remind me at night on the folks who I lost contact and the folks who stop talking to me. Is like I’m some kind of repellent from the best things in life. But I guess I shouldn’t worry to find anything long term at this juncture because of my poor status. Although I do ask for a lasting friendship, because beyond it all, friends who accept me will have the best outlasting support. I value it right now to be best from anything else, even sex. If I need sex, I wouldn’t care to go for friendship. A mutual connection for me is much more meaningful because of the attention I need, sort of a kid. I’m a big kid, but if there is no communication then I feel lost like a kid. I’ll be able to move on, but I will always feel like something is missing.


Alright, so that’s all I got for today.


– g –