. . . To keep finding that gold! Actually what I meant is that I left Las Vegas to come back to the realization of boston again.

So I’m here mind wiped out and very nasty sweaty from the sudden summer heat that is now.  Out of gas like some folks might say, I feel kinda not wanting to do anything right now.


Motivation to do the most playful things though that has got me still currently.  Although I just want to get my mind off things so I get into stuff that are reserved to satisfy my inner most child like desires. So I started to hack on my wii to the core to see what works and what doesn’t. Man is soo awesome to see such a project go so well. It impresses me so much that I can in some other department than what I could do in life. It’s the only activity to do technical experimental stuff that I know and love that makes me feel so happy to accomplish.


I don’t get that instant gratification from anything else than sex lol


But see I don’t get that with walking about in life. Of course is hard work and blah blah to get to whatever the goal is but it shouldn’t be crazy to keep doing the same unattractive job for 40 years.  I’m saying in this portion of life mechanics, we should be able to experience new things from time to time. It’s only one life truly so why not try something new?


That’s where first of I’m trying to find within what I want to do as in getting ready to climb up the scary tall water slide. Of course in the end it’s so much fun to go down but the height alone to getting there is the challenge.


That’s why I’m getting ready to make that commitment right now.


– g –