“Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality” – Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World


Sacrifices that our fore fathers gave birth fruit to what we have today. It didn’t come easy I understand and courage is needed to push forward and make dreams a reality. Finding the how is all about figuring out that core on why, so you can reach the stars. Unfortunately is something really hard to do when you’re programmed to be sheltered all your life and never learned to care to follow your own words or others advice and learned that promises are nothing without action.


The small exhilaration of accomplishing a goal through a video game is a instant high that you don’t get in real life. People who compose the compound of structure around don’t make life any easier because they only worry of themselves. Reaching goals becomes so daunting and terrifyingly hard that only focusing on the small details is the only way to go. This takes so much time that one has to take a break.


I’m taking a break and re-energizing through my escapes of creativity and gaming.

I haven’t game in a long while. So this break is very welcome as I am really in need of getting renewal of faith and hope.


I actually feel regenerated that I got so many things geek going on. My game Dark Zeta will have lots of cool as well as I will feel much more enthused for resolving a few financial issues before getting my head deep later this summer. But first, I must adventure though some RPGs!


So getting on the quest to independence will have to hold on as I can afford the time at the moment. Surely it would be different if it was another condition like have children or other obligations but I don’t. Still, I’m not free.


– g –


Happy Independence day!