I have to question why does it take so long for me to make a post now? Hope I don’t get so lazy about it. Anyways hit more to see what I have after the break.[]

Now the confusion has turned into an out right directive! A directive to keep working on my game of course! Momentis will always be there as my source of income that slowly climbs. I notice that I can’t even get a single person in because either the person wants to but doesn’t have “time” to sign up (the go around) or simply don’t feel compelled to join with me on the venture. Of course it is very hard to do anything but if you flip that idea to it, then it becomes too easy to care.

Simply by going to my page (here), you see that if you press “Join My Team” button on top, that’s where you are able to sign up. Just have to fill out the form and BAM! 90% of the sign up is done. The hold up is the price tag. That mortifies any prospect who isn’t mentally ready as a risk taker.

You see, an entrepreneur is an adventurer. To find gold, it depends on the courage on investment in stuff you feel you have more control over than most other things. If folks who have went to Las Vegas and played the slots, that is a very basic example of an Adventurer who wants to double the investment at a risk. For sure that 70% to 80% of the time, if you play the gambling game at a moderate level, you will see a loss at those numbers. If you play pennies, then you’ll see a very low risk in playing and pay off. But when you put in a higher amount, the risk is higher.

The other aspect here is that folks think it is a BAD thing to sign up in a network for marketing goods. That doing so you run the risk of having no return. That jumping in a pyramid scheme is 100% probable to hurting your finances. Well let me tell YOU that is just rubbish! Otter emotional stupid thinking.

First let me list the top 25 are in this:


  Company Time In Business GPR  –  AR  –  GT
  1. Amway 1959 – 53 Years 6 –     8,579 – 2.18
  2Melaleuca 1985 – 27 Years 5 –   11,195 – 0.44
  3. USANA 1992 – 20 Years 6 –   11,273 – 0.44
  4. Nu Skin 1984 – 28 Years 6 –   12,218 – 0.20
  5. Isagenix 2002 – 10 Years 4 –   13,765 – 0.20
  6. Forever Living 1978 – 34 Years 5 –   16,100 – 0.42
  7. Herbalife 1980 – 32 Years 5 –   23,888 – 2.24
  8. Legal Shield 1972 – 40 Years 4 –   20,204 – 0.20
  9. ACN 1993 – 19 Years 6 –   29,489 – 1.12
10. 4Life 1998 – 14 Years 4 –   25,763 – 0.14
11Advocare 1993 – 19 Years 5 –   29,741 – 0.14
12. 5LINX 2001 – 11 Years 4 –   40,861 – 0.03
13. Xango 2002 – 10 Years 4 –   43,821 – 0.38
14Mannatech 1994 – 18 Years 5 –   48,884 – 0.16
15. Morinda 1994 – 18 Years 4 –   57,375 – 0.14
16. Shaklee 1956 – 56 Years 5 –   58,851 – 0.20
17. Arbonne 1980 – 32 Years 5 –   59,354 – 0.66
18. Nature’s Sunshine 1972 – 40 Years 4 –   59,976 – 0.01
19Synergy WorldWide 1999 – 13 Years 3 –   72,946 – 0.01
20Nikken 1975 – 37 Years 4 –   88,904 – 0.29
21Freelife 1995 – 17 Years 4 – 104,469 – 0.03
22. Neways 1992 – 20 Years 4 – 128,673 – 0.17
23NSA Juice Plus 1970 – 42 Years 5 – 128,918 – 0.26
24Sunrider 1982 – 30 Years 4 – 163,354 – 0.07
25. GNLD 1958 – 54 Years 4 – 209,061 – 0.07


As you notice, those are the top 25 and the key years is 10. The network marketing that I’m sign on is called Momentis, which is a partnership with a company called Just Energy. Momentis is there to funnel the word of mouth engine to branch out Just Energy services throughout North America thanks to the deregulation of the energy industry. The traditional way to market didn’t work out, thus Momentis was created for that purpose to expand.

So far this method in sales and marketing is much more successful. The unfortunate part is the negative flak that network marketing gets. So going back to the pyramid scheme idea, that’s all the negative dirt that the media loves to pour on the network marketing name. I do though recognize the bad abusive side of such a platform. Network Marketing can look like a ponzi game where the ball trickles down to the bottom, or the very picture of a pyramid blinks in ones mind but it depends on which deep end you go to.

For instance, ZeekRewards is the affiliate marketing company of zeekler.com. Also, Amazon is in this thing as well. They have their own Affiliate program that is a network marketing platform too. So what makes it so bad? Well, is the very affiliates that abuse and pushes the very system that is placed. Sometimes folks like to cheat the system. So that 5% to 10% of folks who play with others just poke and pull very hard on others who are playing fare. Like a house of cards, the weight is too weak to hold and it all comes down because of the very abusive people who don’t play fare.

Although if everyone locks into one way and duplicate the same thing, everyone wins in this industry. The multi-level matrix in the “pyramid” really is more like a spider web that’s 3d than it is a pyramid that goes down. Is similar to a map. The nodes that are bigger than the rest usually shows much more activity and has more power over the smaller nodes. The mother node, in which is the first affiliate generation, usually keeps working harder and harder to maintain the network going. This mother node expands to make baby notes that grow to mature size. The nodes are people, so creating new nodes expand into others. eventually they all meet, but like the universe – we all will expand exponentially.

The beauty of this is that even though you are the top guy, you still can lose out if you don’t do your part.

So my rant now connects to folks who think is too much for them to handle. That’s why in my list I see no real leader that are mature enough to handle this even though they are potentially able. It just bogs down to ones mind. If you think you have it then you can. If you don’t, then you don’t.

I’m in between that mind set.

Now that I explained some of that – the biggest key part here that I love about this platform of marketing is that I can myself make one that is about gaming. How? Start with one product and relate it to one focal point. That focal point is my Dark Zeta series.

I’m in the midst of re-creating my darkzeta.com page. The biggest feature that will help me out here is the credits page. Why? because that’s my version of network marketing. Does it have all the perks and whistles that the top 25 have? no, but I can still build it to fulfill creators desires to help and get credit for it. The different elements that I will add will make it a very beautiful place to add to Dark Zeta’s universe. The very best part to it is sharing. I will be able to share different ideas and art work within this place and let others add to it. It is a form of socialism of course, just like network marketing is too. The word of mouth will expand and knowledge of my idea will stretch out through out the net. The money part will come of course. The VERY STRATEGY that I’m using comes from the super smash brother brawl phenomenon.

Project DB is my Dark Zeta game that I’m working on. The series will grow up through time, but I need help. Thus the idea here is to make the credits page the biggest thing to honor the folks who have helped me. Compensation comes after I go to phase 2 of my plan, in which I will have enough momentum to push the game to the android market. Then, I’ll have a kickstarter page to promote my project as well. So I have lots to do before December where I plan to launch my kickstarter page.

So, to note, that’s what’s going on with me with network marketing and project DB. I sort of gave up on my friends list to recruit them in momentis. So the part that I need folks I would have to just roll with my dad. Most of the time though my dad just hooks me up. He has more of that marketing nature than I ever will have. My focus is geniunely only on project DB, because the key here is I will eventually have residual income that is much more mutual than momentis.

– g –