Hey folks,
I haven’t written in a while as you can see. I’ve been fixing things up over at my end for the most part but I got a few things to detail for you.
First thing- I’ve upgraded my space to my own room. The bad news is that the electrical wiring sucks ass, and because of all the things I carry electronically, the light goes out. So that problem is now dependent for my dad to fix in the near future.
Other than that, everything is on the clear for creating minor stuff.
The reason why I haven’t been working on anything creative for a while is because of my father’s networking business. Getting accustomed with the fancy schematics and pitching it to prospects.
But today I feel bleh. Can’t believe when I’m walking out I feel inspired but then when I sit here in my room, in front of my laptop, my creative juices just instantly fade away. I mean, this article took 2 days to write. . .
anyways, have a nice week folks.
– g –