So it has been 13 years since the dreamcast was released. Am I able to write a decent article on how awesome that first entry to video game history was? I don’t think so. I can only talk about decent things on how crazy it is to have a very dangerous spider roaming my house.

But really though, I miss that damn console. The best game on it for me was Skies of Arcadia. That RPG was epic and I haven’t really had much of a treat after it. I mean currently I discovered the Tales of symphonia for the gamecube but I like my turn based high flying adventure of Vyse and friends saving the world from the evil empire. It was very nice time – one that I gave up school and retreated into my cave era of my life.

When sega said that there were quitting, that made me tear. I couldn’t believe they would quit but the astronomical balloon of debt that was incurred with there business run, I would understand why Sega had to retreat.

Everyone hopes for them to go back on the hardware bandwagon, but alas I don’t see that future at all. Even if folks have insider information – the world of video games is always dynamically shifting, making a new hardware now even much more riskier to try. Nintendo in their part is taking a big leap of faith with releasing the Wii U with obsolete specs in this day in age. OF course I don’t know what’s inside the Wii U, but knowing nintendo’s past, It’s obsolete in 3 months time.

The technology part of course isn’t the main focus for Sega or Nintendo – it’s all about the quality of games. With Nintendo, the only way they feel that their games can do justice is on their own dedicated system. Sega shows that proof that they need their own dedicated system to improve on the quality of software. The limitations of other hardware limits to a common denominator point of reference needed so it can be multi-platform.

So Sega’s choice to come out fighting on a dedicated android/Windows mobile or home console system, it should be treated like gold by them like previous generational systems. Also to add, the original Sonic team no longer works at Sega. The character designer works at nintendo now, and Yuji Naka has his very own game studio. So Sega is but a shell of it’s former self without the golden age of producers that was there once before.

It is sometimes sad to see the oldies die off – but when it happens it opens up the space for new beginnings.

– g –