So, I’ve changed my look and feel to my site. I’m using wordpress engine for my needs of course, and it’s so much fun to remix.

The previous theme has issues anyway with the feature images I tried posting. It double posts the pictures and made the composition a bit murky. So I went in and change things up to refresh things. I feel much more empowered with the new theme, which is compatible to the new wordpress, to write and show stuff.

I hope you guys like it. I tried to make accommodations so it is easier to share my stuff throughout the whole entire internet. Of course I have to get better in getting folks attention and not be as shy as before.

I’ve come a long way though, from crazy unsettling beginnings, to a better self today. I go back and read my old stuff and laugh really hard. I feel I was on mushrooms or something, but I guess the change I did to go to San Francisco made me shift my thinking in a good way.

So I hope you guys enjoy. 😀


– g –