My targets are markets that I’m studying to post my game after completion.

So far I have my first place that I will be having my games – Indievania

So as I make my way to porting it on to android, then I’ll have it on Google Play. Currently I’m just focused on making it as a html5 game and have it live on it’s own website. Then after I’ll do a windows exe and post it on indievania and other spots that do PC games.

Once I’m done with that part – I’ll be ready to make other games live on that aren’t Dark Zeta related. Most games I’ll be currently focus are spin offs for the Dark Zeta series, then later I’ll be jumping my focus on other IPs

The list of sites though are as follows:

  • indievania (PC, MAC)
  • Desura (PC, MAC)
  • Steam Greenlight (Indie chance; PC, MAC)
  • Google Play (android market)
  • Venus Patrol (iOS)

I just want my stuff done and ready for everyone to play. Then I can focus on marketing it. I’m just starting on the hype machine so people know that it’s coming.

– g –