Well, I’m feeling the time switch. The fall has started and the burn of me moving towards the morning time is on. This past week has been difficult to adjust but I found a key.

That key is driven by an inner want. Before friday of last week, I didn’t do much but sleep late at night and go on an ADD stroll online. I really didn’t care until I saw that there was the Boston Indie Games Festival approaching. Then something inside shook and cranked the motivation engine on. Man, was I pumped!  I wanted to go now!

I wanted to be with like minded folks who love games. I wanted to learn something new.

So I did.

I learned many things. One of them is that Actionscript is still alive! That the Flash platform as a whole is only evolving into other forms and that the core is being preserved. I’m so happy that the new direction is very well underway to being meshed in perfectly with the internet. I mean come on, flash is going to die after being in 1 billion devices? Who in their right mind will let that power go away? And then the Adobe talk really lighten things up for me. The new business venture with Unity makes me glitter. The new Actionscript 4 with a new virtual console that mimicry the idea of the Java Console (awesome computer jargon) makes me so pumped to look forward to such technology. The future is even brighter now.

But because of this beautiful event that happen, in which I wish it happen more often, made me now aligned to sleep in much more earlier than the usual beat. The time switch was a positive one and the event really help in a therapeutic way to put a lot of things into light for me.

I’ll be on the look out for the next one, but before I will be finishing up on my game project.

-Stay tuned for an extra update to this post with a podcast of the adobe presentation-

– g –