Hey amigos,

So in a very unfortunate move by my own parent, things have been destabilizing with Momentis, to the point that its basically calling it quits. The marriage of ideals previously this summer was to push hard and obtain that mark of being great venture folks who were suppose to be into it all the way.

It seems though that changed with my dad stretching himself too thin, and I really having no clue what to do after being engulfed with so many abstaining individuals. This past summer was a depressive one for me because I moved back to Boston, but having to get a little drop of hope from Momentis, made me believe I was going to go back to California soon.

The business rolled on good until August, where a sign of a crack begun.

This was the first hiccup, where I ventured with my father into a bidding MLM scheme (Multi-Level Marketing). This event made me wake up to see a contrast on what is the true nature of MLM because right when I signed up for it, the bidding company Zeek collapsed. My money was never refunded back.

So seeing how vulnerable it really is, I made up my mind that truly things aren’t secure. I really studied on Momentis and every other top 10 MLM ventures out there to see what’s the drag. I then concluded in my first BIG headliner on my blog about it. I thought it was worth going in regardless, but then I notice the move with my dad by going sideways, in which I mean picking out as many MLM businesses as possibly can. This was freighting to me, because now he is not just focus on one, but many where he is dropping all his money in.

I start seeing the frenzy pattern my dad has been doing. He is addicted. And I thought he was really a focused man to make one work, but in his view, he feels pushed because he believes there is no more time for him. Then I saw that these things that are MLM truly is a scam. A scam that the kings, the creators of them, are the ones taking full on advantage from folks like my dad. It’s like a fools run from another who have already mastered the art. It’s like agreeing to jump into a ginny pig wheel, then to expect to reek rewards but really never getting anywhere.

The effects really is that you get your money when you work at it, but eventually it hits a wall. That wall is invisible, and of course the kings will not let you know where it is, it’s part of the MLM plan. The trick on how the depth goes and you get paid is dependent on how the master works the individual. Yeah it has all the whistles and bells, with cake on it, but underneath it there is a compound that is slowly poisoning oneself, and that’s greed.

I mean you have to be hungry, you have to yearn for money in this industry to make it work. I grew up hating money, because it took my time away from my father. The time that I should of had with my father was instead taken by a promise of THIS EXACT SAME SHIT. So of course I psychologically impaired by it, but I then wanted to see how and why with this business works to steal time away from my love ones thus I sign up with my dad’s 3 ventures into MLM.

My experience was mild, as I observed in the sidelines on how things unraveled. After Zeek Rewards, I signed up with my last surprise, Solavei. Solavei is a “social” phone company that draws both T-mobile resources and Bank of America’ savvy thinking together as one to make a MLM company. Of course, it’s an experiment – and the “community” is the highlight to this venture but underneath lies the core truth – it is STILL an MLM.

So a month later, I abstain from paying Solevei, but still got a cool android to test my games on it. The service is independent, no real hiccup, but there were moments that I couldn’t call when I was out and about. The company uses T-mobile towers for signal. At the start I was not very happy about signing up, but my dad REALLY pushed on me as if there was no other option. I saw the fury in his spirit to make things work, a very scary thing to experience. If I only could of recorded it.

So! Seeing how his only will is making anything he touches work for a second, then to break later when he isn’t focused on it, I didn’t give no effort on Solevei. That was the month of October, the “lost month of potential” as I title it.  Solevei doesn’t work without pushing another person to sign up on it. The MLM trick to pay up when you sign up for something that really isn’t for you to do. The amount of people you need is 3, so you won’t have to pay. Six people sign up and they pay you back, cool it is but I don’t think people will easily fall from the sky to do it at all, at least for a VERY LONG TIME.

This is how I lost my 10 year old phone number, by the shear fear of my own father to sign up at a venture that was near impossible to work it. My sister truly tried but got shunned on Facebook. Then a few other gentlemen I know as well signed up and tried, but nothing. My dad collected all of his workers to sign up, but once he signed up all of them, there was no new people to sign up. Hitting a wall AGAIN.

Finally now, a month later, my dad realizes that the venture is no good. He sees how psychologically that folks are real and alive. They are individuals with choices and decisions that can’t be bent by greed. The capitalist system works by a combination of emotions and logic. If one isn’t emotional about the subject to win, their will be no business to fall back on. Most people won’t and can’t comprehend the hunger to win driven on only money. Another point is the hierarchy of an MLM will always be, which it isn’t a circle, a pyramid shape. If the system fixes itself as a circle, then everyone wins. The little guys will never win though because in a pyramid shape there isn’t an arrow that goes up, it goes down.

Everything in a hierarchy system trickles downwards. The head will always be rich, feeding from the small guys. If the system is new, this of course I learn from my father, then you will get a significant piece if you work hard to trick others into it. That’s why this system doesn’t work with me, because I don’t have money earned to burn for it. Everything was a double trick from my father to get numbers, because numbers is the only thing important in a MLM, until you hit a wall.

The cumulative experience this year at the later half was just plain disturbing for me. A side of my father’s obsession scares me, and the outcome that has resulted showed me a new light to him. Do what ever you can to succeed, that’s the message I got from this.

Deep down in my heart, I want to go!

So now, November 27, 2012, I get emails saying to sign up for sweet california from Momentis. I really did believe in them, and part of me still do, because everyone in it is just so nice. They love life, they really want the community to work, and the base to thrive. I even miss the environment that is mostly positive, but sadly my dad let go, which means I, who don’t earn any income, must let go too.

I wanted to go to California; I wanted to prove I could go to my sunny state of awesomeness, but my train broke down in which I was way too dependent on the driver to get Boston’s Team Energy there.

– g –