This month I feel already some sore aches. The beginning wasn’t very pleasant at all by starting to let go of my oldest toy of the lot, my relic tv from fisher.

My oldest toy

I started watching all the cartoons on there first. The coleco vision game console was also plugged on that tv too. There were so many events passed, even the televised fall of the Berlin wall was watched on that tv. So many hours spent gazing through a window of limited information. Even watching back to back Michael Jackson music videos and dacing the night away with it on.

So many spanish soups, so many learning sessions with my siblings abilities to interact with me on a two player Super Mario Bros 3 run. Duck hunt was a family favorite, especially the discs mode – where we all would take turns. All my real toys adapting such a prominent, expressive, block of space as a gate way to another dimension.

All of things celebrated, even at the many Christmas, watching so many times A Wonderful Life. Home Alone, and even Terminator was such a big deal then – and this obelisk of focus made so much wonderful presses of colorful emotions. Even when my dad surprised us with a VHS tape of a magic dragon, it was just amazing. The usual suspects of the 80s graced my relic tv screen, and the same with unique experiences with my family when we were battling for it.

It’s sad that all things has to come to this point of passing. Such an end it should of been before I notice any hard feelings that would attach myself to it. A thing of man’s construction, surviving through time and space – to eventually find that the family that once before embraced it, is the opponent that votes to have it sent out into the landfills for processing. It was a crushing feeling to let go of something so uniquely iconic from my home.

I feel it’s one of the many chains of this year that broke away of the past. As time goes forward, the past becomes so distant that even memory blurs into mere pixelated images, always becoming a marsh of brown shape and form.

Is 2012 really going to kick all past entities into oblivion? That’s the question I ask, because so many things have come to pass that doesn’t exists from this point on.

If only I can have a device or thing that can give me a window through the time stream, just to look back once I feel nostalgic. It would give me comfort and a piece of mind. It will as well charge me up to feel there is that empty purpose to exist.  But for now I can only, truly, connect my drive into hoping for a better future.

Please November, don’t do me in yet.

– g –